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Maximum Life with Pastor Zach Terry

Pastor Zach Terry is driven by a desire help people achieve their maximum life through Jesus Christ. He is known for his ability to teach complex ideas in simple terms with practical implications for daily life.

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary selected him as the recipient of the Westminster John Knox Press Award for excellence in preaching and teaching the Christian scriptures. In 2016 he was honored as one of the Connect Faith’s, “Agents of Change“.


Dec 20, 2016

 Hebrews was written to a group of Jewish people who were moving toward Christ and they had found it to be quite difficult. 

You see there were two things that it was very difficult to be at the end of the first century - 

  1. A Jew - The Jews had been expelled from Rome and were falling under disrepute throughout the...

Dec 19, 2016

The writer to the Hebrews is writing to a group of Jewish people are are seriously considering abandoning the faith and returning to a legalistic form of Judaism. Perhaps they have fallen under the influence of the Essene community, perhaps the persecution of Nero is giving them second thoughts. Either way - they are...

Dec 5, 2016

Before we were called, “Christians” we were called, “Believers”. Belief or Faith is the essence of Christianity. If faith is the essence of who we are, it is incredibly important that we understand the essence of faith. If there were one thing for the enemy to pervert or mislead it is obviously faith!


Dec 1, 2016

Hebrews 10:19 is a hinge on which the letter to the Hebrews turns. We see this sort of thing in all of Paul’s letters - Romans for example… he spends the first 11 chapters developing his doctrine, then in Romans 12:1 he turns to application and implication. Typically, you know you’ve come to the hinge verse when...

Nov 21, 2016

In our text the author is showing the inability of the Old Covenant to completely remove the guilt of the soul. 

When the author sat down to write the book of Hebrews (AD 60’s) the Temple still stood in Jerusalem in all of it’s glory. The Temple would be torn down in keeping with Jesus prophecy within a decade. At...