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Pastor Zach Terry is driven by a desire help people achieve their maximum life through Jesus Christ. He is known for his ability to teach complex ideas in simple terms with practical implications for daily life.

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary selected him as the recipient of the Westminster John Knox Press Award for excellence in preaching and teaching the Christian scriptures. In 2016 he was honored as one of the Connect Faith’s, “Agents of Change“.


Jan 4, 2017

The bible is 31,102 verses, 1663 commands, 40 authors, 3,237 Characters - 31 of whom are named Zechariah. But it’s really one big unfolding story that you are a part of - it’s all pointing toward the ULTIMATE rule and reign of the MESSIAH. Every genealogy, every law, every story is pointing toward JESUS. 


GENESIS begins with the camera zoomed out as far as it can go, then it slowly zooms in until it’s focused on one man Abram and his family.