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Pastor Zach Terry is driven by a desire help people achieve their maximum life through Jesus Christ. He is known for his ability to teach complex ideas in simple terms with practical implications for daily life.

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary selected him as the recipient of the Westminster John Knox Press Award for excellence in preaching and teaching the Christian scriptures. In 2016 he was honored as one of the Connect Faith’s, “Agents of Change“.


May 21, 2018

Pro. 3:4-5


INTRODUCTION: In our home we purpose to eat at least one meal together everyday. When the conversation draws to a lull, it’s not unusual for one of our kids to start reading stuff on the products on the table. 


So it might be the ingredients in cereal. It might be the instructions on pancakes, but the...

May 16, 2018

William Moulton Marston, a scholar from Tufts and Columbia universities, the inventor of Polygraph (lie detector) technology stepped out of academia and into the world of pop culture in the October 1941 edition of All Star Comics. 


Marston was a sort of Alter Ego to the marketing genius of Stan Lee who fascinated boys...

May 11, 2018

 Imagine that you were given the opportunity to sit miles above the earth and observe the world from God’s perspective. You see all the wars, all the poverty, all the substance abuse, all of the injustice, you can see it all. 


Then suppose you were given 1 Million Dollars with which to combat the world’s problems....

May 7, 2018

CONTEXT: We are in a series on the book of Proverbs that we are calling - Uncommon Sense. If you remember we have see so far that God upon his coronation God gave Solomon a blank check, so that he could as for anything he wanted. God told Solomon to make his request as high as Heaven or as low as Sheol.